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At the Right Time

Timing is everything.

Just a few weeks ago, my husband turned the big 4-0.  (Insert “over the hill” joke here).  

As I thought about this milestone birthday for him, I remembered a phrase used in scripture…

“At the right time…”

There are lots of different scenarios that follow that phrase but each time, it was God ordained.  We see how He divinely orchestrated things to happen according to His perfect plan.  

I thought about that phrase and connected it to my husband’s birthday.  If he had been born sooner or later, would we have met?  

When I was in my mid 20s, waiting for the right guy and singing “In His time” to myself for the 100th time, it felt like God was late. Now, I see that our lives intersected at just the right time.

If you are in a waiting season now, remember that we serve a God who specializes in doing things “at the right time”.  Look back over your life and remember His faithfulness.  Look ahead and trust His timing.  He really does make things beautiful in His time.  ~Anu




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