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He is Moved

The past few weeks my heart has been moved by prayer requests for really heavy situations….a single mother whose teenage son has been diagnosed as bipolar and exhibits self destructive tendencies, an acquaintance who hasn’t spoke to her twin sister in decades, a friend who is heartbroken over the end of her marriage.  And the list goes on and on.  These are all from faithful believers, who love Jesus, but yet dealing with a situations that seem hopeless.

Words fail me when I hear their stories.  

I know how powerless I am to change their situation.  

I know my answers cannot fix it.  

So I pray.  

I pray that God will meet them where they are.  

I pray that even in the pain and heartbreak, they will experience the sweetness that comes when God is near.  That even if the situation doesn’t change, they will still see that He hasn’t left their side.  

When Jesus went to Bethany after Lazarus had died, Mary and Martha were overcome with grief.  The scripture says that Mary fell at Jesus’ feet weeping and saying “if you had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:32)

Jesus’ response to her surprised me.  John 11:33 & 35 says “When Jesus saw her weeping…he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled….Then Jesus wept.”

Jesus knows what he is about to do.  He knows that Lazarus is about to be resurrected and a great miracle is about to be witnessed by all.  

He knows that Mary and Martha are moments away from rejoicing because their dead brother is going to be alive.

And yet, he was deeply moved and troubled.  

And yet, he wept.

Jesus truly feels our pain and is moved by it.  Even though He knows how everything is going to work out, that doesn’t stop him from stepping into our brokenness and holding us through the process.   He knows that better days are coming, but for right now, He lets us weep, and He weeps with us.  

But then if we will trust him, He will get to work in our lives.  

But it might not look like we expect it.  

Mary and Martha wanted Jesus to pray for Lazarus and heal him from his sickness.  But Jesus had bigger plans for Lazarus….He was going to raise him from the dead, so that God would be glorified even more.

My friend, if you are overcome with grief and brokenness today, know that your saviour grieves with you.  But if you can trust Him, I believe you will witness an even bigger miracle, and in the process, experience God’s faithfulness in your life.




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