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Life Cycles

Sometimes I feel like I live my life in cycles. The work/school week cycle. The cooking/grocery cycle. The laundry cycle.  You’re familiar with these cycles right?  It’s how I mark my days- that turn into weeks, that turn into months, and before I know it another year has gone by and I feel like all that I have done is worked, cooked and washed clothes.

In these times of monotony, I crave something to break up the cycles.  What I would really love is to hear some direction from God. Anything, like,  “Yes, my daughter, you have prepared that dinner so well that I will bless you and your family 100 fold.” So, probably not that,  but something to let me know that I haven’t slipped out of His thoughts.

Our readings these last few weeks have taken us into the book of Samuel.  In chapter 3, we begin to read about Samuel’s early stages of serving the Lord. He is living with Eli  and is called out of bed in the middle of the night.  Samuel thinks that Eli is calling him and he runs to Eli to answer.

In verse 7, it says “Samuel did not yet know the Lord because he had never had a message from the Lord. ” The Message version says “This happened before Samuel knew God for himself.” I read this and was like “Man, God, you spoke to him and he didn’t even really know you yet! I know you and I am not hearing anything!”

So, here’s what I realized about Samuel…

  1. He was submitted. His mother had promised him back to God’s service.  He was living with Eli and learning the ministry from him.  What am I submitted to that will help me hear from God?
  2. He was responsive.  The Bible says that when he heard God’s voice, he jumped up.  He didn’t sit and wonder who it was that was speaking to him or if he had really even heard a voice at all.  Am I responsive when I hear the nudging of the Spirit?
  3. He was in silence. It was deep night when Samuel heard God’s voice.  Quiet darkness.  No visual stimulation. No auditory stimulation. Am I creating silence for the Lord to speak?

Samuel grew into one of the most prolific prophets in the Bible.  He was willing and obedient- a recurring theme among those who were used by God.  I just want to change my community, but I know that I have to start by changing myself first.




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