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My Own Little Blessing

My daughter attends a small Montessori school near our home.  She has been there since she turned one. My son went to the same school from the time he was one until he was ready to start kindergarten. Needless to say, we are know all the teachers, administrators and several of the families.

When my husband went to pick her up on Monday, the administrator and one of the teachers stopped him to talk to him about our daughter.  They felt like she was ready to be moved to the next classroom and wanted to know if we were okay with her moving. We had no objections and told them to promote her if they felt like she was ready.

We discussed this later that evening and were excited at the thought of her being ready to move up in the world.  The one downfall is that in the next classroom, they enforce a uniform.  For the boys, it was a logo t-shirt (purchased from one specific store that has the specific logo and only logos clothing purchased there) and navy pants (purchased anywhere but strongly recommended to be purchased from the aforementioned store).  For girls, the uniform was a little more complicated- a plaid jumper or skirt with the same logo shirt or a different collard shirt. Ugh, I sighed, this one was going to cost me.  I made a mental note that in the next few weeks, I would have to swing by the store and price it out.

The next day, I came home and there was a bag on my kitchen counter.  The bag had a note attached that said ‘For a sweet girl at school!’ And it was signed by one of the moms that I knew. Inside the bag were 2 skirts, a jumper, and 3 uniform shirts along with 2 matching head bands! I asked my husband where this came from and he told me that someone had left it with the administrator who had passed it on to us.  It was not left specifically for us, but she gifted it to us.

I was blown away.  I know this is a small thing, but it was a huge blessing to our family. I had not say anything about the expense to anyone except my husband.

I am always amazed when God hears the faintest whisper in our hearts and grants it before we even say a word.

“You father the orphan
Your kindness makes us whole
And you shoulder our weakness
And your strength becomes our own”






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