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No fair!

angry child

My three-year-old son just recently got into the habit of saying, “It’s not fair!”

I thought to myself, “He’s only three, and it’s just begun…”  You know, the back-and-forth, “she got that, he got this, why didn’t I get those shoes, why didn’t she need to clean up like I did…” cycle.

His big sister had gotten a special treat that day, and he wanted one, too. He had forgotten all about the candy he had received just a few hours before.

Earlier in the week, my daughter told me that it wasn’t fair that I wouldn’t allow her to do something her friends got to do. I believed I had enough reason for my decision, but in her mind, it just wasn’t fair.

Typical for young kids, right?  Some things just don’t seem to add up in their naiive minds….therefore, it isn’t fair.

What about us, adults?  We have a few years under our belt…but don’t you still think the same sometimes?  Life isn’t fair.

Like the gorgeous celebrity who is making decisions that are compromising her integrity…yet has fame, perfect Facebook photos, money, and a keen fashion sense.  No fair!

Or the woman who has gotten to the top of the corporate ladder by deceit and lies, but seems to be thriving in her career, getting paid a dream salary.  No fair!

King David noticed this trend, too.  In Psalm 73, he says, “For I envied the proud when I saw them prosper despite their wickedness.  They seem to live such a painless life; their bodies are so healthy and strong.” (Psalm 73:3-4).  David started to wonder about the point of living a righteous life.

He says, “Was it for nothing that I kept my heart pure…?” (Psalm 73:13).

Don’t you wonder the same thing when you see people who aren’t walking with the Lord prosper?  It’s not fair!

David has a light-bulb moment at the end of Psalm 73. He was wondering all this until he entered the sanctuary of God.  He realized that “their present life is only a dream that is gone when they awake .” He even admits to feeling bitter and pained and realized that he was so foolish and ignorant for envying the wicked (Psalm 73: 20-22).

I’ve felt that way, too.  My eyes have suddently opened, and I have taken a step back and realized…”Wait, why do I desire their accomplishments and belongings when their heart was not in the right place?”  Sometimes, desiring what others have can lead us to the point of bitterness, just like David experienced. That is not how God called us to live.

Be grateful.  The more grateful you are, the less bitter you will feel.  Be grateful for Jesus, for God’s mercy, for His provisions.

What a beautiful way David ended this chapter, “Whom have I in heaven but you?  I desire you more than anything on earth.” (Psalm 73:26) Nothing in this world can satisfy the longings of your heart than Jesus. Absolutely nothing.

Life isn’t fair…but neither is God’s grace.  He made the ultimate sacrifice for you when you were still a sinner and made you clean.  So clean that you, a broken person, are made whole by His broken body on a wooden cross.  Nothing fair about that….but he did it anyway because he loves you so, so much.






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