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One Year Later


Last night, I watched my husband and his father scroll through pictures from the past year. Pictures of a totaled car, pictures of dad and mom surrounded by tubes, connected to a ventilator, and then there was this picture. A picture of us praying. It was the first picture of hope.

This picture was taken one year ago.

It was the day after the accident, the day my husband’s father coded. First, for nine minutes and then again for eleven minutes. Dad was on life support and Mom was in critical condition. That night, we stood and prayed together in a valley of uncertainty.

I know we weren’t the only ones who prayed. I wish I could post a picture of every person or prayer group who prayed for our family. People all around the world were praying. Their church in Mustang, Oklahoma prayed fervently. Our church’s Thousand Men of Prayer, prayed. If you follow our Whispers and Fringes’ page, or know our family, you might have been praying too.

I sincerely thank you for praying. Mom and Dad thank you as well. Mom says she doesn’t have the words to properly express how grateful she is. She also shared this comment with a smile, “Our mansion in heaven must not be ready for us yet.”

I asked Dad his thoughts after seeing the pictures mirrored on our television.

He replied with his sweet and simple English, but his words were profound.

“God isn’t done with us here on earth. He could have taken us and that would have been good. But He has more for us to do here on earth and that is also good. He saved us. For His glory, not mine.”

Dad has always been a man on a mission, but now, one year later, his mission to tell the world about the love of Christ is on steroids.

If you are reading this today, chances are 100% that you are alive and breathing.  Only God knows all that He has protected and saved you from.

So, in the sweet words of my father in law, ‘If God has given you breath, He has more for you to do. He has a purpose for you here on earth. He has saved you…not for your glory, but for His.’

Isaiah 42:5,6 This is what God the Lord says-He who created the heavens…who gives breath to its people, and life to those who walk on it. I, the Lord, have called you.


photo credit: James Matthews



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