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Have you felt inadequate or too afraid to speak up because you feel unqualified or even rejected? I’ve been there. I’ve felt ashamed to speak up because I felt like an outsider, like my opinion didn’t matter.

Second Kings chapter 5 talks about a young Jewish girl who was pulled away from her home in Israel and everything she was familiar with, then placed as a servant in the household of Naaman, a highly regarded commander in the king’s army. She could have easily felt ashamed as a slave girl, with no rightful place to speak up.  However, when she heard about her master’s leprosy, she had a solution and knew she couldn’t keep quiet.


Surely, Naaman, a man of good standing, had acquaintances and doctors easily accessible to him.  How could she, a slave girl, ever have any courage to suggest a possible cure?  Yet, here we see this unnamed girl with no medical degree or great status have such strong faith, and she took a courageous step by telling her mistress that there was a prophet who could cure Naaman.

Naaman took her advice, and when he visited the prophet, his disease was cured!

There is only line stated by this young girl in this entire story.  Yet, this one line conveys so much about her character.  Not only was she bold, but we know that she believed in the one, true God. In fact, once Naaman was healed, he responded by proclaiming that there was no other God except the God of Israel.  Wouldn’t you say that his wife’s servant girl served as a faithful witness for God?  She didn’t let her status as a slave stop her from being mighty in God’s kingdom.

Is it time you take a bold step and move away from the shadow of shame, guilt and loneliness?  You are highly favored, a daughter of the one true God.  Let your life be a witness to those around you, and don’t think for a second that you are under qualified.

Jesus qualified you when he died on the cross.  You have royal blood running through your veins.  That gives you the authority to speak up, no matter who you are in front of.  Pray that God gives you the courage to be a change agent for his kingdom.

-Elizabeth “Betsy”



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