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I felt under qualified for a leadership position at work and was not sure if I wanted to take on more responsibility.

My husband, being my biggest cheerleader, encouraged me to apply. He saw the potential in me that I couldn’t see.  By God’s grace, I interviewed and got the position.  The training that my company offered helped me with the challenges that come with any leadership position. Nevertheless, I knew it was God who put me there.

Gideon was a man asked by God to lead the fight against one of Israel’s enemies, the Midianites (Judges 6:15).   Gideon’s response to this leadership position?  A little like mine.

He told the Lord that he was from the weakest clan…and on top of that, he was the least in his family.

Have you ever felt that way…weak, the “least”, and under qualified?

Two days ago, I went to a leadership meeting along with other leaders in the organization.  As I walked through the building, I couldn’t believe I was there.  I had an opportunity that many people would love to have…and you know the best thing about it all?  I didn’t do it on my own!

God brought me there.  I know it.  How?  Because despite my past failures, God gave me favor.  There are others that are better qualified, but God has positioned me there.

Why would God ask a weak man from a weak family to lead an army?  Why didn’t God choose the strongest man in the most qualified family to lead?

Because Gideon had no other choice but to rely on God’s strength to do the job.  As soon as Gideon told the Lord that he was not qualified, the Lord said, “I will be with you…” (Judges 6:16)

That’s all you need.

Why would God ask a weak person like me to lead at the workplace?  Because I have no other choice but to rely on God’s grace and strength.  And many times, I have talked to God and let him know that.  “God I don’t know what to do…please give me direction.”

That’s all I need…and that’s all you need too.

What has God called you to do that you feel unqualified to do?  Just as God told Gideon, go in the strength you have…God is sending you (Judges 6:14).





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