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Remembering Lot’s wife


It has been an interesting week in the world of basketball. Kevin Durant left OKC for Golden State, Dwayne Wade left Miami for the Chicago Bulls, and Chandler Parsons left the Mavs for the Memphis  Grizzlies.

Fans all over the country are either ecstatic or heartbroken depending on who has joined or departed their favorite team.

Transitions in life aren’t always easy.

In my life, even when it was clear God’s hand was all over a certain situation, the transition process was draining and difficult.

The children of Israel also struggled with the emotional strains of transition. Just days after crossing the Red Sea, they began to complain and long for the ‘good old days’ ….days which weren’t really good at all….they were slaves, remember?

Their longing for what was and lack of gratitude for God’s present provision, banned all but two of the first generation children of Israel from ever entering into the Promise Land- God’s intended destiny for their lives.

Lot’s wife also struggled with transition. Her name is never revealed but her disobedience was. She lived in one of the most wicked and perverse cities of all times, Sodom. God, in His mercy, agreed to save her family. He gave her specific instructions to not look back when fleeing from the destruction. She disobeyed the simple orders and looked back. Her disobedience cost her from ever reaching the place of safety God had prepared for her.

As I stated earlier, transition isn’t always easy. Whether it be the NBA teams adjusting their rosters or God directing His plans for us….the process is still a process .

So let us learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before us. It is good to remember where God has brought us from, but let us never forget to be grateful for the present and where He will take us.

Phillipians 3:13-14a “I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on…”





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