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You are His

An elderly lady walked up to the pharmacy counter and spoke softly to our clerk, “Could YOU help me?…I’d rather HER not…HER kind of people are dirty.”

I was the ‘HER’ she was referring to, standing at a distance behind the counter.

Aside from being called ‘Comanche’ by a middle school bully,  this was my first real experience with racism. It’s been over a decade since the incident occurred, but I still remember how it made me feel. My heart raced. My voice quivered. Her words stung.

But I knew who I was. And I was not dirty. No part of me believed or received those lies. I knew who I was (and still am) in Christ.

I am treasured. I am sacred. I am His.

It grieves me when I think that so many precious people do not understand their value. They have believed the lies of the enemy spoken through the lips of a parent, spouse, coworker, acquaintance or stranger.

John chapter 4 tells the story of a woman who knew the sting of racism and social prejudice. She was a Samaritan woman and a five time divorcee. In those days, both titles screamed insignificance.

But I love how Jesus works and who He targets. It was to this insignificant, and ostracized woman, Jesus chose to instill hope and reveal Himself. “If you only knew the gift God has for you….I am the Messiah.”
One encounter with Christ and this woman’s insignificance was buried and a new identity was birthed.

Maybe you have believed the lies of the enemy. A parent who should have affirmed you, didn’t. A husband who promised to honor you, lied.

Whatever your situation, do not allow the voice of the enemy to penetrate into your Spirit and tear you down. Rather, let the words of our Messiah infiltrate your soul and give you hope, “For if you only knew the gift God (still) has for you.”

Most importantly, I pray the words of our Messiah will remind you of your true identity.

You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His.




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