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Sermon – How to Stop the Violence in America

This has been a harrowing week in my city.  Until now, I was a by-stander, watching these events unfold in various parts of America. I always knew that my city was vulnerable but you never know just how vulnerable until it actually happens.  So many thoughts have been racing through my mind- What do I tell my kids? Should I go out? Should I stay in? What do I do about this anxiety and fear that I feel building inside of me? As I sat to pray last week, words wouldn’t come out.  I just sat and waited for God to say something comforting to me.

I know that several people on Facebook have shared this link, but I wanted to share it again. My church isn’t perfect, but I believe this sermon hit the nail on the head. We are all God’s children. We have one Father. All. Lives. Matter. ~ Shiney




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