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A Picture is Worth…

My grandmother passed away yesterday.

13879275_1737886206449315_5050986315140293557_nIf you’ve been a part of the Whispers & Fringes community for a while, you might actually kinda know her.

My sister, Binu, has shared several different posts based on conversations she had with my grandmother. And what conversations they were.  They not only resonated with us as her family, but it seemed to resonate with you as well.

There’s a lot of different things running through my mind right now….things that I am still processing.  But one thing I keep reflecting on at this particular moment isn’t anything deep. It isn’t even a particular phrase or story about my grandmother.


It’s really based on something my sister did last Saturday when we were all together at my parents’ house.

We took pictures.

Now, I say “we took pictures” like this was something we were all excited about doing but that was not the case.

I didn’t come necessarily dressed for pictures. I was feeling quite comfortable sitting at the kitchen table, drinking my hot chai (tea) because that is what us Indian folks do on a hot summer day.

But my sister had it in her mind that we were going to do this…so we did.

We went outside and took some pictures with my grandmother. Then, we came back in and took more pictures.

We felt like we were doing my sister a favor, but really, it was her that did us the favor.

Those were the last pictures we ever took with my grandmother. And my husband, brother-in-law and nephews even managed to make her smile.


So, as time goes on, I’m sure other thoughts and memories will come to my mind…maybe something I can even encourage you with.

But for now, this is my simple thought…take pictures.  Not for the sake of Facebook or Instagram. But for the very reason that there are just some authentic moments and some amazing people worth capturing.

You may not be a picture person like me, but one day…like me…you will be glad you did. ~ Anu



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