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When my grandmother (Ammachi) was in her twenties, she did the unthinkable. She stepped out, all alone, in faith and left her family’s traditional church in order to follow Jesus in a way she knew He was calling her to.

She was questioned about her decision. “Now you won’t even have a proper burial,” she was told.

Her response: “I am not worried about my burial, I want a better resurrection.”

I think of her wise words often.
It’s easy to get caught up with the “What will others say….I don’t want to be all alone” way of thinking.

But my Ammachi’s words remind me that my allegiance must be to God first….even if that means stepping out into the unknown all alone.

Before David became the David we know, he did something with no one watching. He killed a lion and a bear. No one but the sheep cheering him on. But that’s okay, his next battle had the audience of two nations, the Israelites and the Phillistines.

Moses also spent some time alone. Well, not completely alone….God was with him. And when he came down from his mountaintop experience, his face radiated the glory of God for all to see.

No selfies, no Instagram pics, no 1000 likes for killing the lion…just God and David. God and Moses. God and my Ammachi.

Bill Johnson states, “God is looking for people who will get private victories in secret places. Those that are not seeking the audience and the applause of man, but rather desire to take a stand for the name of the Lord.”

My grandmother passed away a couple months ago. Her burial was beautiful. Her resurrection, I can only imagine.

Galations 1:10 “I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”




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