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Be Ready

Next time you go to pick up a “Hot and Ready Pizza,” but find there are no pizzas hot or ready …God may be up to something.

Speaker Holly Wagner challenged the ladies at our church’s recent women’s conference to always be ready to share God’s love with those around us.

Holly said, ‘You may have to get off your phones to do this. But look around and make eye contact with those around you. It may be while you are waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting at the car wash, wherever you are, be ready and be available to say what God has you to say. Even if it’s just a simple word of encouragement.’

She was right. If we make ourselves available, and ask the Lord for divine opportunities to share His love, God will not hesitate to open our eyes to the opportunities which surround us.

Earlier this week, I went to pick up a ‘Hot and ready’ pizza at my local Little Ceasar’s. What I thought would be a quick trip, was not.

God had other plans.

In fact, there were no pizzas hot or ready (as advertised). So, as I sat waiting for my order, I decided to take advantage of the free (unexpected) spare minutes in my day. I checked my email, my messages and then got caught up on social media. Nothing wrong with that. But after a few minutes, I glanced up from my phone (to avoid a neck cramp) and noticed a very tired Little Ceasar’s employee.

I remembered the speaker’s words from the women’s conference.

I began to make conversation with the young man. I first asked him about his day. He answered. I then (knowing school would be back in session soon) proceeded to ask him if he had plans for school this fall. He looked a little embarrassed and began explaining how he is currently taking some time off from school in order to save money.

Our conversation wasn’t long or even deep. As he handed me my pizza, I thanked him and then felt a strong prompting to tell him that God had a plan for his life.

He eyes lit up. His countenance changed. He smiled and thanked me.

Sharing the love of Christ is just that simple. It’s about making the most of every opportunity God gives us.

So the next time your ‘Hot and ready’ pizza isn’t hot or ready…be prepared, God may be up to something.





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