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Big Dreams

At a recent meeting, our leader, Anitha, asked us about big dreams.  It made me think about my future….and my past.

Can I share a entry from my prayer journal 16 years ago (first time I’ve ever shared these!)?  I had a dream that seemed unattainable:


“Lord, sometimes it makes me fearful of my passion and desire to be a doctor. Is it taking over my love for you [?]  Lord, it’s like I want it so bad, but I’m scared of it, too. Please, Lord, show me the way.  If it is not your will, Lord, please show me.  I don’t want to do it for myself, but for you, Lord, because I love you.”

Almost a year after that entry, I wrote this one:

“Lord, when I sit down and just think about getting into med school, I think, ‘impossible’.  And I really should be beginning to study [for the entrance exam], but I can’t bring myself to it.  Lord, help me to remember that you direct my steps, even if I make up all these plans. After all- it’s a narrow view [that] I take when I plan. If I focus on you, God, everything seems clearer.”

woman dreaming

There are other entries that showed my conversation with God. I was desperate for this dream to come true… but it just seemed so out of reach.  It took many prayers, hours, missed social events, applications, interviews, and years before my dream materialized.

I could not believe it when I was finally accepted into a school.  All I can say, even today, is that God’s grace was on me.  And I kept in conversation with God.  Writing in my prayer journal helped me do that then and now.

Why now?

Well, I occasionally do make entries when I get the chance.  I’ve recorded the details of the birth of my children in the journal so I won’t forget, but more importantly than now, I can see where God has brought me.  My dream seemed too big, but God made my dream come true…and I have other “big” dreams now.  I want to record these dreams so in a few years, I can look back and say, again, that God’s grace made it happen.

Have you heard that quote, “Don’t tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is.” I love that.

When the Israelites were being led to the promised land, the Lord promised to drive out the nations that were there before them, and the Israelites would dispossess nations larger and stronger than them. (Deuteronomy 11:23). God gave the Israelites the territory that initially belonged to people that were LARGER and STRONGER than them.

How is that even possible?

Only God can do that…allow you to take on something that seems impossible.

What is your impossible dream…or a storm…or a battle?  Tell your dream/storm/battle how big your God is.

Give your dreams to the God of possibilities, and be prepared to praise God when those dreams materialize.








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