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My husband and I lived in an apartment for 7 years before we bought our first home.  There were several reasons for waiting, but the most important one was timing.

At first, it was just the two of us, but when our first child was born, we realized that there was not much room for a large, bulky stroller and a crib.  So, the stroller was squeezed into the space between the wall and the living room couch.  My daughter’s room doubled as her daddy’s office, and our kitchen was just a stone’s throw from the coffee table.

Then baby #2 came.  He found his little home in the crib that was placed next to our bed.  Christmas came around, and our daughter insisted on putting up a Christmas tree.  It was a squeeze, but it stood nice and snug in the corner of our little dining room.

The baby #3 came.  And, yes, we were still in the apartment…but, by that time, we knew it was time for a move.  We had been thinking and praying for a house, and waiting…

But, you know, we made a lot of good memories there, and we are grateful for that little space that God brought us from.  There was not a lot of room, but we were happy.  It was a happy home.

When my second child was born, we had a family visit us.  Before they left, our friend prayed for the right home for us and prophesied that there would be greenery and gardening around our home.  Honestly, I could not even imagine living in a house…it really seemed like a dream, after living in an apartment for so long.

Well, fast forward about 2 years.  God led us to a home that we know is from Him.  When I am here,  I can only praise my Father God who heard our prayers and knew our desires.  I will not forget where he brought me from.

There was an engraved plaque that sat in our kitchen at the apartment, which says “Blessed”.  We brought it to the house, and it sits in our kitchen today, where we can be reminded of God’s faithfulness.

Do you have a dream?  Give it to a God who gives provides you with more than you can imagine.

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Mathew 21:22


*photo credit: Patrick Perkins via Unsplash



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