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Closed Doors

Have you had a door close in your life recently? Or maybe even slam shut?

Don’t take it personally.

On second thought…if You are a believer, asking God for His will to be done, maybe you should take it personally.

In 1 Samuel 29, David is on the run from King Saul. He is tired and worn out and finds a safe haven in an unlikely place, amidst the ungodly Philistines.

David became so chummy with these new found friends, that he even offered to join their army. King Achish was ready and willing to take David up on his offer but the other Philistine rulers resisted. They knew of his great reputation as a leader in the Israelite army. “Isn’t this the same David about whom the women of Israel sing in their dances….He can’t go to battle with us. What if he turns against us in battle and becomes our adversary.”

David might have forgotten his calling, but God didn’t.

A couple of chapters later, Saul dies and David is appointed king.

Imagine if God hadn’t closed that door? What would have become of David? Would we still have our Psalms? The great King of Israel might have become the not so great king of the Philistines.

Isn’t God good?

We all have a story like David. I know I have tried to open doors. Doors which would have led me down some pretty crazy paths….but thankfully, God in His mercy, took the time to close those doors. What seemed like rejection proved to be God’s hand of intervention and grace.

And I know He has kindly closed doors for you too.

So take heart and don’t be discouraged when more doors seem to be closing for you rather than opening. Give it time. I believe you will look back one day and see God’s hand in your situation as well.

The same God who cared enough about the destiny of David, cares about your destiny too.




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