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Let’s imagine that I called you today and told you I’d like to come visit your home in a couple of hours. How would you feel?


Most people, on receiving news of a guest, would naturally clean up the clutter in their home, work on a snack tray, and change into some appropriate attire. But, it is usually done with either a sense of panic or peace.

Some people are blessed with the gift of hospitality. I marvel at those women that seem to appear calm and unraveled when hosting people in their homes. They seem to have everything together, look calm, and display a genuine smile.

I’m not naturally there, but I’m getting better at it.

A few months ago, I read an interesting blog about a woman who decided to make her home a blessing to whoever walked in. She wrote that the decor and furniture of her home was not meant to impress others, but to be inviting and warm so that others could be blessed.

That was eye-opening for me. This weekend, we opened our home to many family members and sweet friends. We spent time cleaning, but by the time they showed up, there were scattered papers by the kitchen table, a kids book on the counter, and a couple of random plastic bags near the toaster…. But you know what?

I was okay! Because I was blessed by the company we had. I want my home to be a blessing to anyone that walks in. I am blessed to be a blessing.

It’s very natural to want your home to look like an HGTV makeover, but more importantly consider the heart of your home.

Relax, enjoy the laughter, the conversation, the memories. These count more than a polished counter or the trendiest decor.

When people come in, let them sense that Christ resides there as well.

“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” Romans 12:13




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