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Social Media Guidelines


My parents and I never had the “social media” talk. We didn’t need to. It wasn’t around back then.

But it’s here now (and it seems like it’s here to stay in some form or another) which means it’s time to have “that talk.” A few weeks ago I shared a blog by Kristen Welch concerning kids & the internet.

Kristen also gives us a few great guidelines we can offer our children (and ourselves) regarding social media.

1. Nothing is ever really private or permanently deleted (Anyone can take a screenshot of anything you post or text).
2. Some things are better said face to face.
3. Don’t let negative comments to your pictures, statuses or no likes at all change how you feel about yourself.
4.It’s easier to attain a bad online reputation than a good one.
5. AVOID DRAMA (see Proverbs 20:3)
6. Don’t ever mention your location.
7. Put into practice a no media day once a week.

Guideline #7 is something my family and I have attempted twice now. We didn’t abstain from media for a full 24 hours, but we did turn off all screens (not just social media) after 4pm.

Can I suggest you take the challenge? And it is indeed a challenge. I couldn’t believe how often (by habit), I looked for my phone.

You (and your spouse) can decide on the rules and the timing, but don’t make it too easy (going without media for 6 hours while you sleep won’t count).

If your family is anything like mine, you will most likely be met with resistance. But stick with it. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. By the end of our “no media evening” we all (reluctantly) agreed that it was actually nice and even refreshing (okay, maybe I’m the only one who used the word ‘refreshing’).

Think of it as a mind cleanse. Go outside, hang out, play board games. Have real conversations with real people sitting next to you.

So here are your actions items for the week:
1. If your kids are of age, have that “talk” with them concerning social media. (It’s not common sense. They won’t know unless you tell them. And your talk could save them & yourself a lot of future drama).
2. Choose a day, half a day, or even a few hours & take a break from your phone and other devices (after you read our Whispers & Fringes page, of course 😉).

Good luck and have a great week!




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