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Teach Us To Number Our Days

This past holiday season, as soon as Christmas was over, my 7 year old son exclaimed that he couldn’t believe how quickly the holidays had come and gone this year.  He was right.  It seemed like it was only a few days earlier that we had put up our Christmas decorations and started playing Christmas music to get into the holiday spirit.  As each year passes, I have become very aware of how quickly time is passing.

There’s a quote I heard recently by author Gretchen Rubin – “The days are long, but the years are short”.  As a new mom, I remember the days when I just longed to get through the day with my babies and then to just get them to bed, so that I could get some sleep myself. But it seems as though I blinked and my three babies are now 10, 7, and 3.  Time is indeed passing far too quickly.

The Bible also talks about this as well. Psalm 90:12 says “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  

When we number our days, it means that we are aware that we do not have as much time as we think we do.  It means that when we treat the time we have as precious and limited, we will put greater value on what we spend our time on.  

I want to challenge you to not let 2017 be just another year that comes and goes in the same manner as every other year before it.  

My prayer for us is that we live each day with intentionality and value.  If we know that our time is precious, then let’s not spend it on things that do not matter.

For me in 2017 it will mean…

  • When I’m at home with my family, I do not spend time aimlessly scrolling through social media to see what’s going on everywhere else in the world.  Instead I stay present and engaged with the people God has placed in my life and whom I see face to face.
  • I carve out time every single day to read the Bible and engage the scripture to see what God is saying about my life and my purpose on earth.
  • I take care of the body that God has given me so that I can have the health needed to carry out the purpose for which I was created for.  

My prayer for you is that you can find one or two things to focus on for 2017 that are meaningful to you.  Give value to those things and find a way to be intentional in making those things come to pass. ~ Vijoy



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