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Thanking God for Olives

Have you ever wanted to tell the world to just slow down and wait for you?

I have.

There was a season of my life when I felt as if everyone else was progressing to the next level of life while my life was in standstill mode.

It’s hard to be thankful during these “standstill seasons,” but that’s when being thankful becomes a true act of the will.

In Mac Lucado’s book, “Before Amen,” he dedicates a whole chapter to being thankful, and specifically to “A thankful list.”

Max Lucado reminds us that ingratitude is the original sin. It started in the garden. “Eve had a million reasons to give thanks. The waterfalls and fowl, shorelines and sunsets…but then came the snake. He raised a question about the forbidden tree…and just like that, Eden was not enough.”

Over and over again, the Bible commands us to give thanks. It’s not a suggestion or a recommendation, giving thanks to God is a command!

So, as you sit around the table or wait for your guest to arrive, try this exercise out this Thanksgiving. From A through Z, give thanks!!

It may seem cheesy but once you get started, a momentum builds and it’s actually a lot of fun.

Then compare lists and see what everyone has come up with!

A THROUGH Z- What I’m thankful for.    Here’s my list.

A- Anu, my sister. I’m thankful that she was kind enough to do my laundry throughout my college years (even though she was also a college student). I’m not sure if I ever even told her thank you.

B- Banana bread. It’s sweet but I don’t feel guilty eating it because it’s technically grains and fruit, right? Thankful for less guilty pleasures.

C- Caleb, my youngest son. Thankful for the spice he adds to our Samuel household.

D- Dad. My dad calls and sings me the happy birthday song every year. It’s totally off key but I think he does that on purpose. I love it and I’m thankful for Him.

E- Eggs.  I’m thankful for this quick and easy meal.

F- Friends. Going out to eat, praying together. Life is better because of my friends. I’m thankful for each of them.

G- God. I’m thankful He doesn’t always give me what I ask for, He gives me what He knows I need.

H- My Husband, Sunil. He’s easy going, he’s a hard worker and I’m thankful he is the leader of our home.

I- India. I’m grateful to live in America but I’m also grateful for my Indian heritage.

J- Joshua. My first born son. I’m thankful for his God-given discipline. It inspires me.

K- Kent. He has been my manager at work for 15 years now. I’m thankful for his kindness and his humor.

L- light. I love light. I’m thankful for a home with lots of windows and therefore lots of light.

M- My mama. I’m over forty but she still sends food home with me every time I visit her. I’m so thankful for her.

N- No. It’s not always an easy word to say, but saying no to somethings frees me to do other things. Thankful for that word in the English vocabulary.

O- Olives. I love olives in almost anything. Thankful for the taste this tiny fruit can bring.

P- Prescriptions. Prescriptions keep me employed. Thankful to be employed.

Q- Quiet days. I am thankful for quiet days.

R- Roads. I’m grateful for the road system here in America.

S- Straight irons. Have you seen my hair without the use of one? Oh, so thankful for straight irons.

T- Toilet paper. No explanation needed.

U- Umbrellas. I usually just run to my car in the rain …but it’s nice to know umbrellas exist in case I ever need one.

V- Vacuums. Makes cleaning a home so much easier than picking every crumb or piece of dirt up by hand.

W- Water. Without it, toilets wouldn’t work and we would all dehydrate and die.

X- X-ray machines. How would we know if anything was broken if this didn’t exists? Grateful for whoever invented it.

Y- You. I’m grateful for you, our readers…and I’m really surprised you are still reading this and didn’t stop at A. Thank you!

Z- I’m thankful when I hear names starting with the letter z at graduations. It means the ceremony is almost over.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.




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