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The Good Fight

“If you can see him, he’s not your enemy.”

We know this is true but just because we know it, doesn’t make it easier, does it?  While the real enemy is at work in the situation, we also have to deal with the people we are seeing face to face.  

John the Baptist was known for his no-nonsense approach.  He told it like it was, no matter who it was.  He had one of these types of conversations with Herod who just so happened to be a king.  John didn’t approve of Herod’s current family arrangement and told him so.  In spite of that, “Herod respected John; and knowing that he was a good and holy man, he protected him. Herod was greatly disturbed whenever he talked with John, but even so, he liked to listen to him.”  Mark 6:20

It seems like an oxymoron.  Herod was greatly disturbed but respected John.

Not everyone will agree with us.  Not everyone will like us.  But doing things God’s way will impact what they see in us.  

The Bible provides us with the perfect battle plan:

If with heart and soul you’re doing good, do you think you can be stopped? Even if you suffer for it, you’re still better off. Don’t give the opposition a second thought. Through thick and thin, keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, your Master. Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy. Keep a clear conscience before God so that when people throw mud at you, none of it will stick. They’ll end up realizing that they’re the ones who need a bath. It’s better to suffer for doing good, if that’s what God wants, than to be punished for doing bad. That’s what Christ did definitively…” 1 Peter 3:13-18 (MSG)


  1. Fight for what is right.  Peacekeepers provide a temporary band-aid.  Peacemakers can create an environment for complete healing by getting to the root of the issue.
  2. Fight on your knees.  We can’t change situations or people but prayer can.  (Bonus: it will change us too.)
  3. Fight wisely.  Proverbs 17:28 Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.   Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.  You know what feels better than getting everything off your chest? Not having any regrets.  I’ve learned this the hard way.  My greatest remorse has often been in what I said…not what I didn’t say.  

Proverbs 16:7 When a man’s ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Even when people don’t agree with us, may they still see God in us. ~Anu

Photo by Jason Blackeye @ Unsplash.com



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