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Waiting- If there is one thing I don’t do well it’s that.

Even long, drawn out stories make me antsy. I want to know the end….now!

So, imagine me in this room for five days, a critical care waiting room.

Life changed last Monday morning for my family. We received a call from a care flight nurse. My husband’s parents were involved in a major car accident. They needed him at the hospital right away.

So here we were …waiting. But we weren’t alone. So many others were also waiting. Each with their own story. Each of us in our self-assigned seat (kinda like church).

On day 3 of waiting, I decided to engage in a conversation with an elderly woman who had been sitting next to us since our first day there. I inquired as to why she was there. She briefly told me about her husband’s accident and the critical state he was in….but then she did something unusual. She got out of her seat and squeezed herself into mine. She then began explaining how, despite all of this…God is still God.

For over an hour she went through scraps of paper from her purse. She read to me all the scriptures the Lord had been bringing to her remembrance since her husband’s accident.

For over an hour she sat IN MY CHAIR with me.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I appreciate my personal space. But she didn’t know me and God didn’t care. I could’ve made up an excuse to scoot myself over and onto another chair, but I didn’t.

As she spoke, Her radiant countenance spoke volumes to me…even more than the life giving scriptures she was reciting.

I knew God was saying through her-

Look, I know you and those you love are going through such uncertainty …but I’m still here. Sharing a seat with you. When you go down to the cafeteria or sit quietly, in Mom or Dad’s ICU room. I’m still there.

God knew the scriptures I needed to hear that day. When I didn’t have the strength to read the Bible for myself, He read it to me.

Max Lucado writes, “There is nothing easy about this. Troubles pounce on us like rain in a thunderstorm. Finding God amid the billows will demand every bit of discipline you can muster. But the result is worth the strain. Besides, do you really want to meditate on your misery? Will reciting your problems turn you into a better person? No. But changing your mind-set will. Immerse your mind in God thoughts.”

Are you in a waiting room?

Going through a critical time?

Enduring a situation which is completely out of your control?

God is still there. I promise. Not just in the waiting room sitting a few feet away from you, but I believe He is invading your personal space as He did mine. He wants us to know- We are not alone. He is still in control. He is still God.

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”





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