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What Is in Your Hand?

As we have come to the midway point of 2016, I was reflecting on my vision for this year and what I believed God wanted me to accomplish with it. Although I always look my own personal goals as what I YET have to accomplish, God brought back to my mind how much He has ALREADY allowed me to accomplish so far in 2016.

At the beginning of 2016, one of our Pastors, Amie Dockery, gave a powerful message that has helped drive me to make 2016 a year of intention and purpose. She spoke on the meaning of the year 2016, and what it meant in the Hebrew calendar. 2016 equates to the year 5776 in the Hebraic calendar. Every year has a special significance and a special meaning. The year 2016 (or 5776) is represented by a symbol, which is the “vav”. The symbol “vav” represents something like a hook, a pin, or a tent peg. The idea is that of a connector.

She went on to say that 2016 is the year of connection. The year of details….the year of tiny things, unseen things, like a pin or a hook, that brings everything else together.

The symbols that make up 5776 equates to the word “Heed” in Hebrew, which means to
take notice of, or careful attention to. So the challenge she posed us was to take heed or pay attention to what is already in your life – the relationships and the resources…and seek to see how God has placed those in your hands to bring about your purpose.

What do you have piled up against your bed or your desk? What are the unfinished ideas in your mind and heart that have never come to fruition? Instead of looking for one big solution, she encouraged us to look at the little things and to what you already have in your hand to accomplish it.

In the book of Judges, chapter 4, we see the story of Jael. At the time, Israel was being oppressed by Jabin, King of Canaan. Jabin’s armies were lead by his general Sisera. During one particular battle, Sisera fled on foot and found refuge in the tent of Jael, an Israelite. Sisera thought he was safe and felt comfortable enough to fall asleep as he was hiding from the Israelites. While he was asleep, Jael took an ordinary object, something that was already in her hands, a tent peg, and killed him while he was asleep. And on that day the Lord gave Israel victory over King Jabin because Jael did what she could, with what she already had before her.

Don’t let 2016 be another year that comes and goes just like every other year before. Look around you to what God has already given you and you will find that the ordinary, mundane things in your life will be the key to accomplishing what God has for you this year. ~ Vijoy



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