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Stay With Me

Stay With Me

This past week, the lights went out in my daughter’s room, and it has not been an easy fix.  She has no problem with that, though, because it means she doesn’t have to sleep in her own room, which she is absolutely thrilled about. While her brothers […]

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Keep Calm and Trust God

Keep  Calm and Trust God

How should you respond when put into a situation that is totally out of your control, and completely unfair?   After reading the book of Daniel, I would say…Keep Calm and Trust God. You see Daniel was taken from his homeland of Israel as a young man […]

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You Are Greatly Loved

You live life differently when you know you are loved. We all know Daniel from the Bible – and if you’ve seen one too many Veggie Tales like I have, you may be picturing a cucumber right now but that is not the case. Daniel was a […]

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The Extra Man

Isaiah 6:1 ‘In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.” What is it you see when the unexpected happens? Isaiah saw the Lord…..and so did my brother in law, Lance. As I wrote in a recent post, life changed for my family a few […]

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